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Kích thước 190 × 100 × 44 cm


Alpine White, Alpine White Matt, Black Matt 100, Cool Grey 30, Cool Grey 70, Cool Grey 90, Warm Beige 20, Warm Grey 10, Warm Grey 60

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The soft, elliptical inner contour of the ELLIPSO DUO OVAL promises a new sense of security and comfort. The rounded shoulder section and carefully calibrated side walls create a generous space in which to lean back and relax, either alone or with a partner.

As freestanding option the moulded panel surrounds the ellipse like a second skin, enhancing the beautiful oval shape.


KALDEWEI steel enamel is extremely resistant, durable and sustainable. Robust steel and fine glass, two authentic, natural materials form an inseparable bond.


An exquisite, sustainable material like KALDEWEI steel enamel deserves a timeless design. Our bathroom objects will touch and delight you each day. In addition to our own creations, we rely on the expertise of renowned designers.


We live and produce sustainability. Steel enamel is made from natural raw materials and is 100 percent recyclable after a long life cycle. That makes KALDEWEI steel enamel the most sustainable material in your bathroom!